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January/February 2019  –  Volume 33  –  Issue 1

An independent publication written by and for the national cancer community

Erin Andrews
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6  On the Cover: Erin Andrews – From Closet Cervical Cancer Survivor to Bold Cancer Advocate
When Erin Andrews was diagnosed with cancer, she kept the news quiet because she worried it would affect her career. Now she wants everybody to talk about it.

5  Facing Cancer as a Senior Adult
No two seniors are the same. Each senior adult has unique goals and challenges that must be considered when making treatment decisions.

8  Embracing Survivorship
How to take charge of your life after cancer treatment

11  Understanding Lung Cancer
A closer look at the two main types of lung cancer: non-small cell and small cell

15  Don't Shut Them Out: Kids Need to Know When a Parent Has Cancer
Quality communication can be the difference between a parent's cancer simply being challenging for a child or it becoming traumatic.

16  Gain Control of Your Anxiety and Depression
These strategies can help you manage symptoms of anxiety and depression and improve your quality of life.

18  When Life Gives You Cancer, Make ... Emojis?
When life doesn't turn out quite as you planned, follow the example of this art therapist who found a unique way to get through cancer treatment.

21  The DOs and DON'Ts of Helping a Friend Who Has Cancer
DO provide meals, DON'T give unsolicited advice, and 9 more tips for supporting a family facing cancer.

24  How to Keep Your Sex Life Alive Now That Cancer Has Entered the Picture
A cancer diagnosis does not mean you have to say goodbye to your sex life. Keep the spark alive with these 3 action steps.

26  Getting the Support You Need When You Have Metastatic Breast Cancer
Multiple years of treatment can strain your financial and emotional reserves. But don't despair; help is available.

30  Exercise for Prostate Cancer Survivors
How to get into a routine and stick with it



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