Coping® with Cancer Magazine
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March/April 2019  –  Volume 33  –  Issue 2

An independent publication written by and for the national cancer community


4  On the Cover: More Than Just Baseball
MLB pitcher Chad Bettis opens up about battling testicular cancer, becoming a father, and mounting a Major-League comeback.

6  It's NOT ALL In Your Head
A closer look at the effects of cancer and cancer treatment on cognitive function

8  Cancer Changes Our Lives – And Our Relationships
Tips for managing interpersonal relationships after a cancer diagnosis

10  The Healing Power of Gratitude for Cancer Survivors
5 practical steps you can take this week to cultivate gratitude in your life

11  Let's Talk about Sex after Cancer
Sexual side effects are just as important as any other cancer-related side effects. Your doctor needs to know about them.

12  On the Job Hunt after Cancer
What you need to know for job search success

16  Exercise Is Proven, Powerful Medicine for Cancer Survivors
Find out how to break down the barriers that stop most cancer survivors from sticking to an exercise routine.

18  Cancer & Your Fertility
Answers to your most pressing questions

20  Journaling with Cancer
Don't let these common myths keep you from experiencing the joy and emotional healing that can happen when you journal through cancer.

21  The Grief and Mourning of Cancer
From the moment you learned you had cancer, you began to experience losses of many kinds. Grieving these losses is normal – and necessary.

22  How Do I Tell My Kids I Have Cancer?
There are 5 important things you want your child to know after a parent has been diagnosed with cancer.



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