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A wide variety of professionals share their knowledge and experience in easy-to-read, relevant articles, and patients, caregivers, and survivors share their strategies for coping with cancer.


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Dx: Breast Cancer

Sandra Lee (Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg)  It was a picture-perfect spring Friday in early 2015, and Food Network chef turned lifestyle guru Sandra Lee had...

Understanding Cancer

The Power and Promise of Cancer Research

Dr. Norman Sharpless  (Photo by H. Darr Beiser) Each summer, for nearly a quarter-century, Coping® has asked the NCI Director to write an article for the...

Understanding Cancer How to Cope - Survivor

How to Cope with Endometrial Cancer

The experience of being diagnosed with endometrial cancer and undergoing cancer treatment will affect your life in many ways. It may change the way you...

How to Cope - Survivor

The Power of Resilience in the Face of Cancer

As upsetting as cancer and its treatments can be, it is possible to find some good among the bad. Things that once looked important no...

Understanding Cancer

Dealing with a Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

There isn’t one best or easiest way to live with a diagnosis of lung cancer. Here are some suggestions for ways you can live well...

Understanding Cancer

Take Charge of Your Life with Polycythemia Vera

It is important to continue to do what you love as much as possible.  People can live with polycythemia vera for many years without experiencing...

Healthy Living How to Cope - Survivor

Stay ActiveThrough Cancer

You probably already know that exercise is an important part of staying healthy and can even help prevent disease. But what if you have cancer?...

How to Cope - Survivor

So, What Is Hope?

Four people are facing illness.  One has just learned that medical treatment has done all it could. One is nearing his sixth month of hospitalization...

Side Effects How to Cope - Survivor

Too Many Sleepless Nights?

Has this ever happened to you? You get into bed and then all the worries of the day come rushing in, leaving you tossing and...

How to Cope - Survivor

I’m Done with Cancer Treatment. Why Am I So Upset All the Time?

Everyone is celebrating the end of my treatments, but I just feel like crying.  I powered through treatment and thought I was doing just fine, but...

Understanding Cancer How to Cope - Survivor

What to Do After a Diagnosis of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Learning you have metastatic breast cancer can be overwhelming. Right now, you may be feeling and thinking many things all at once, and life may...

How to Cope - Caregiver

5 Things Parents Should Do If Their Child Is Diagnosed with Cancer

There are four words you never want to hear as a parent: “Your child has cancer.” As soon as those words are said, your world...

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