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Spring/Summer 2018  –  Volume 21  –  Issue 1

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6  10 Common Asthma Triggers and How to Avoid Them
Knowing what causes your asthma symptoms is an important step to controlling your asthma.

8  Got Seasonal Allergies?
Know which medications work best to manage your symptoms. 

9  Controlling Childhood Asthma
New study findings challenge the common practice of increasing doses at the early signs of worsening asthma symptoms in children.

10  FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Allergies & Asthma during Pregnancy
Here are answers to some of the most common questions women have about managing allergies and asthma during pregnancy.

11  Did You Know That Weather Can Trigger Asthma?
With increasing temperatures and more severe storms, people with asthma are at higher risk of weather triggering asthma flares.

12  COPD Flare-Ups
Learn how to spot the warning signs of COPD episodes and stop them in their tracks.
13  New Therapies, Treatment Yardstick May Offer Eczema Relief
Eczema treatment has changed a lot in the last few years. New therapies – including new drugs – are now available and can offer relief.

14  Get Ready for Summer Camp Fun, Without the Allergy & Asthma Symptoms
5 tips to help you and your child enjoy their time away from home this summer

15  You Can Run, But You Can't Hide
A new study finds that allergens are widespread in U.S. homes.

17  Avoiding Food Allergy Cross-Contact
Cross-contact happens when one food comes into contact with another food and their proteins mix. As a result, each food then contains small amounts of the other food. Even this tiny amount of food protein can cause reactions in people with food allergies.

19  Honeybees, Wasps, and Hornets – Oh My!
What everyone should know about stinging insect allergy


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